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Modular Fencing & Fence Panel Wall Solutions.

3 in 1 Online offers Wallmark fencing solutions.

Wallmark is an Australian company that specialises in modular fencing systems. Our products have been designed for local conditions, and are highly practical fencing solutions for residential, commercial, recreational, and industrial sites. Quick and simple to assemble and easy to maintain, Wallmark fence panel walls are a modern, cost effective alternative to traditional fences and boundary walls.

Our Dunewall range of fencing has been designed for commercial premises and for industrial applications such as manufacturing, mining and construction sites. Posts are constructed from high strength steel and the composite panels are locked in place using our boltless Centalok assembly system. Dunewall fencing is customisable; it can accommodate a user’s special requirements for dust control or acoustic protection as well as security devices such as razor wire holders and spikes.


Evowall modular fencing is a very cost effective solution for domestic and commercial applications. Supporting posts and panels are fabricated from strong rust-proof aluminium and the panels are finished with a fibre cement coating. For sites that are at high risk of high winds and cyclones, we have designed heavy duty posts that offer wind resistance as well as providing additional flexibility and height options.


The Urbanwall range offers prestige modular fencing components designed for urban sites including parklands, commercial properties and residential premises. Urbanwall fences are available in heights up to 2700mm and make excellent acoustic barriers in urban areas where sound protection is important. Because this style of fencing is able to retain soil it is particularly suitable for sloping sites. The composite wall panels are set between large steel posts, and users can choose from a variety of wall caps and supporting post options. An Urbanwall is both sturdy and stylish, and is a cost-effective alternative to a masonry wall.

Fence Panel Walls

The post and panel design of Wallmark fencing means that there is no need to dig a trench before assembling a wall. Modular fencing in the Evowall and Urbanwall ranges has been designed to be assembled quickly and easily by any competent DIY enthusiast.

Wallmark modular panels are coated in fibre cement, and we offer a range of pleasing finishes to provide surface texture or colour to an assembled wall. These attractive finishes are simply applied by spraying, rendering or rolling, and can be covered by a final coat of clear anti-graffiti solution.

The combination of sturdy construction, innovative design and visual appeal makes Wallmark’s modular range a highly cost-effective fencing solution. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about modular fencing.


We are striving to bring you new, economical fencing solutions for privacy and acoustic walls. It is not only about competitive materials today - fast, safe installation is also a big priority. This is backed by our concern for quality to ensure you absolute longevity of our fence panel walls. Choose between our Dunewall, Urbanwall and aluminium Evowall fencing product ranges above, to satisfy your current requirements.

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