Free heating - Free hot water - Free pool heating - all with just one solar unit!

Save 75% to 100% of normal running cost if you install under floor heating and good insulation.

Working together with Solvis and KPW Solutions.


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You can build your dream house and enjoy zero net running costs for heating & cooling by choosing the right building materials!


By planning everything right from the beginning, you can achieve zero net energy costs, which means the total energy consumed by your house is less than the solar energy collected on sunny days. Heat your house using solar-heated water, not oil or gas! A single hot water tank can become the heart of your central heating system.

A single solar hot water unit can supply all your needs for:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Shower Water
  • Pool Water


Sophisticated technology helps you optimise your solar energy utilisation simply and easily for the benefit of the planet and mankind.