Free Heating, Free Cooling and Free Hot Water with just one Solar Unit. Not possible? Read on.


Free Cooling

Under-Floor Heating


Heat your house using solar-heated water, not gas or electricity! A single hot water tank can become the heart of your central heating system.



  • Is it more efficient to heat the water in the tank directly?
  • Is it possible to use the physical properties of hot and cold water more effectively?
  • Can one compact and upgradeable unit combine all the features of a heating system that uses oil, gas, wood and solar energy?
  • Does the perfect, future-ready central heating boiler already exist?




The answer to all these questions is: Yes!
We guarantee that you will not find anything better.




By planning everything right from the beginning, you can achieve zero net energy costs which means the total energy consumed by your house is less than your solar energy collected on sunny days.



A single solar hot water unit can supply all your needs for:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Shower Water
  • Pool Water

Sophisticated technology helps you optimise your solar energy utilisation simply and easily for the benefit of the planet and mankind.