Your Cold Water is heated as you need it through a stainless steel heat exchanger. Your hot water is fresh and can be drank without fear of bacteria or unusual tastes.


Carefree heating –  Is there such a thing?


We have access to many different sources of energy – but how can we use them to obtain heat in way that is both cost-effcient and sustainable?  Our solution to this problem started with a very simple idea: Our living spaces will not be heated using oil or gas, but rather using water.

Therefore, the heating water storage tank is really at the heart of a central heating system. But then is a separate boiler even necessary? Can’t the water be heated more effciently directly in the storage tank?

Can’t the physical properties of  hot and cold water be used effectively?

Is it also possible that a convertible heating system that uses oil, gas, geothermal energy, wood and solar energy could be combined into one compact device? Wouldn’t that mean we had the perfect, sustainable boiler?

Yes! It’s called SolvisMax.


In the following pages, you will learn more about this marvel of heating system technology.



SOLVIS MAX makes all other systems look like a T model Ford.