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It's time to think about the future. 3 in 1 has the right solutions for your new home or building project with the highest Energy Efficient Star rating. German designed for Asia Pacific climate.


Double Glazed Window

Weather resistance

Our window and door systems can withstand temperatures of up to 82 degrees Celsius. This means that even with long-term hot weather conditions, the structural integrity of the windows will not be affected. They won't break, deteriorate in quality or develop defects over their entire lifetime. Our windows also offer exceptional resistance to driving rain and have been stringently tested for Australian conditions ( Aus Standards; AS4420 & AS2047 ). These tests have shown that our windows are watertight up to 450Pa, thus achieving an N6 rating - the highest attainable. All of our window types are capable of withstanding the tests specified in AS4420.2 & AS4420.6.


Energy Saving

According to a recent study, almost 40% of household energy is generally lost through the windows and doors. To achieve ongoing energy savings, it is therefore vital to select the right kind of window frames, and to use modern thermally-insulated double glass. Thanks to zero maintenance costs once the windows are installed (no painting etc.), these windows also represent an excellent long-term investment.

Our windows can be installed in regions experiencing up to 180kcal/cm2 per year radiation, such as the Sahara Desert or the Arctic region. They undergo no physical trace of reduction in rigidity between -30°C and 60°C. So the conditions of neither the Arctic region nor the Sahara Desert could ever cause a dent in any of our windows profile.

Certain climatic conditions take a toll on buildings. Coastal houses, for instance, should be able to stand up to high wind loads and the corrosive effects of water. Each Double Glazed Window System is specially formulated to suit the global spectrum of climates and regions.


Noise reduction

By selecting our windows and doors, you can reduce outside noise disturbances to just one eighth their original level. The multiple chambers within the PVC profile, and the use of double glass combine to achieve this remarkable noise reduction. Tests conducted by the Institute for Window Technology, Rosenheim, Germany, on a tilt & turn window have demonstrated a 42 dB reduction in noise.

Double Glazed Door


Corrosion & Water resistance

Our windows and doors are heat welded together at the joins, so the PVC is melted together into one single structure, therefore water is unable to pass through the welded structure as is possible in aluminium window joints. There are also two layers of rubber gasket seals, this double seal ensures no leakage will occur. Our rubber gasket are produced from the same rubber used to seal windscreens in the auto mobile industry, so you can be assured that they will do their job efficiently. Humid weather and beach areas with a plentiful amount of salt in the air will have no effect on PVC windows they won't corrode.


100% Maintenance free

Traditional building materials for windows and doors such as wood, requires constant painting and surface treatment. Wood will change shape over the years and requires re-adjustment of the window. Aluminium has been known to oxidize over the years, at seaside areas usually within a year. Our PVC profiles do not require any maintenance over the full service life, you will never need to sand and paint your windows again. Therefore maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further costs.


Fire proofing

Yet another important aspect to consider due to Australia's bushfire prone environment. All of our profiles have been tested and proven to be 100% self extinguishing, meaning that if excessive heat is applied to the window frame the PVC will not fuel the fire like wood does.

Double Glazed Windows


Security and Safety

Our windows are fitted with state of the art multi-point locking hardware, this means that the window/door locks all around the opening in up to 12 spots (depending on the size of the opening). Multi-point locking systems along with a wide range of toughened safety glass solutions will keep the burglars out. Lockable handles are available to make the windows child sage and to offer piece of mind.


Environmentally friendly

Our window profile range ensures that no controversial non-degradable PVC stabilisers such as cadmium and lead are used to achieve resilience against weather damage and UV-light. Our Greenline range uses Calcium/zinc based stabilisers, which protect the environment whilst maintaining and improving the quality and performance of the profile against the elements. Due to increasingly better protection against loss of energy, this means you are burning neither money nor pollutants! PVC profiles are 100% recyclable, so there is no lost material as all waste goes back into the recycling process.


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